I had such a great weekend. I needed it, too - to get back in the same room and comfortable routine with people who know me by first name, who know me beyond professional aspirations. It was nice, also, to be back in California, a place I miss a lot - actually - now that I live far away.

The occasion for all this could not have been a better one. A friend got married this weekend! Even though I don’t doubt she got on the plane two days later extremely happy, I, too, drove away towards LAX with a giant grin on my face. There is something wonderful in having the excuse to be happy for someone you love; I find it much easier on my brain - when something good happens to me I spend far too long trying to stop analyzing it to see what it means to enjoy the fleeting presence of said good thing. When something wonderful happens to another person, there I can let go and celebrate.

Though every night in the hotel room I did come back and work my way through Roy’s The God of Small Things - I am trying nowadays not to lose myself in the crowd.

Additionally, I have been on PCH many many times but I never dreamed I could one day be the person behind the wheels. To come down the incline towards the beach, the Pacific, the blue sky and bluer waters - what a privilege it all was. It’s such a beautiful place.

Now it’s all over, and I have some beautiful memories to take forth. I am settling into Bakersfield again and soon shall return to the solitary life of a struggling writer. It’s nice, however, to know my life is connected to the lives of so many people around the world. That makes me happy.